Palliative care

At Addi Care, we work with people who have come to the end of their lives and have chosen to spend their last moments in their homes instead of in a hospital. Our Carers will either visit you daily or move in with you or your loved one to ensure that you spend quality time with family and those you care about. Our palliative care includes:
  • Companionship
  • Running day to day errands
  • Personal care ( bathing, dressing, grooming)
  • Pain management
  • Continence care (changing of continence pads, managing a stoma or catheter)
  •  Administration of medication  Meal preparation  Housework This support helps you to stay in the peaceful surroundings of your home, allowing close people to come and visit you as you like. Our Carers will ensure that you receive the care and dignity you deserve.

    We offer our palliative services as follows:

    24-hour care
    A trained carer will move in with you or your loved one to support and care for you according to your requirements. They will support you with your day-to-day tasks making sure that you are comfortable and living as independently as you can.
    Hourly Visits
    A carer will visit you at specific times of the day. Be it morning, afternoon, or at night to support and care for you when you need assistance. These visits can be daily or a couple of days a week depending on your needs.
    Respite care
    We can step in over for the primary caregiver when an emergency arises or when they need to take a break from caregiving duties.

    We are here 24/7 to discuss the best option of care suitable for you. For more information:

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